Health Services

Ferndale Pride cares about your health. Each year we work with our partners to offer a variety of health related services. Today is a great day to take care of you. 

 Partnerships with community organizations allow us to host a variety of health services. 

Sensory & Quiet Space
Sensory and Quiet Space hosted by the: Ferndale Accessibility & Inclusion Advisory Commission. Located within festival grounds, this area is a quieter space for people who experience sensory overload to decompress and unwind. Snacks, beverages and fidget items will be provided in this area. 

Baby Feeding
In partnership with Nature's Playhouse and Skilled Lactation, Ferndale Pride hosts a baby feeding area. Located within the Children's Area, this space is meant for breastfeeding, chest feeding, bottle feeding, etc. Pumping? No problem, electricity for a pump is supplied here. Want to mix up a bottle? Swing by and use the bottle making area! This space is meant to make it easy on caregivers to make sure everyone is well fed. 

Safe Places

Affirmations is air conditioned, has gender neutral bathrooms and is open during pride. See more safe places.

Mental Health Services

In partnership with Six Feet Above, “ear of support” area consists of an ear for anything the festival goers would like to talk about, resource referrals and a place to be heard and seen.


In partnership with Affirmations, a variety of recovery meetings will be held throughout the day. Check here to see the complete list of recovery meetings at Affirmations.