The The Rust Belt Market proudly presents your pride wedding.

Get married on Pride day and forever celebrate your anniversary with rainbows.  The Rust Belt Market is Ferndale's premier wedding venue. They have graciously donated their space for your big day. They will offer a variety of beautiful backdrops for your wedding. Included in your wedding is are desserts, cash bar, corsage or boutonniere for each person being married, an officiant who will meet with you to plan a unique ceremony, and more.   

Weddings are limited to one an hour over the course of the day. The market will be open but your ceremony will be the only one happening during the hour that it's scheduled for. After you're married, feel free to shop the market and join us on the streets of Ferndale for the reception of a lifetime with 25,000 guests at Ferndale Pride.

All proceeds benefit Ferndale Pride.

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