From School Teacher to Pride Festival Producer with Julia Music

In today’s episode, I bring on Julia Music. Julia is an event producer for the Ferndale Pride Festival which she co-founded in 2011 and then took over running all operations back in 2014. Recently she walked away from teaching so she could focus full time as an event producer.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with her in Woodward Movements’ hometown in the front of Michigan for years now. She’s done a lot for the community and has turned her event into one of the biggest in the city awareness and loved the community. Also, proud to say that for years now, Woodward Movement has been the merchandise partner of this incredible event.

I want to take our time together in this episode to discuss with Julia, what it was like to go full time as a producer, the growth of the Ferndale Pride Festival, and to dig into some of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into such an incredible event.

So without further ado…

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