Ferndale Pride and Community Foundation Award $24,500 in Grants to Local Nonprofits

Oakland County Times | January 5, 2022

Ferndale, MI – The Ferndale Community Foundation and Ferndale Pride are distributing $24,500 in grants to 11 community organizations as part of its annual distribution. Ferndale Pride made its return to 9 mile this year. Under the leadership of Julia Music, the Executive Director of Ferndale Pride, the event remained free to the public and was able to give back to local charities. Proceeds from Pride were granted to the following organizations:
1. Affirmations
2. Gender Identity Network
3. Matrix Human Services
4. TGDetroit
5. Transgender Michigan



In addition, The Ferndale Community Foundation provided an additional 6 grants through its annual giving. The Community Foundation receives funds not only through proceeds from Pride but also through private donations. The organizations which were awarded grants through the Community Foundation were:

1. Affirmations
2. FernCare Free Clinic
3. The Ferndale Housing Commission
4. Ferndale Seniors
5. The Ringwald Theatre
6. Southeast Oakland Coalition

“Organizations continue to provide community benefits in these challenging times. The Ferndale Community Foundation is committed to continue our support of projects that impact the residents of Ferndale as well as those who come here to work, play and seek vital services,” said Chairperson Dan Martin.  “These grants allow us to continue to stand together as a community and support one another.”

“A year ago it was hard to imagine we would be able to have events again let alone raise funding for nonprofits. We got creative and found ways to stick to the promises we made to give back to local organizations.,” stated Music. “Planning is already well underway for Ferndale Pride on June 4, 2022.”

The Ferndale Community Foundation is a 501c3 private foundation that supports projects and organizations in benefiting residents of Ferndale in the areas of art, health care, culture, and education. Ferndale Pride operates as a fiduciary of the Ferndale Community Foundation.

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