2024 Alcohol Free Pride Dance Party

Nonalcoholic Dance Party 2024

Event Information
June 22, 2024
The Loving Touch, 22634 Woodward Ave. Ferndale MI, 48220.

McMillian Behavioral Health and Addiction Services is hosting a non-alc pride dance party at the Loving Touch in Ferndale. Come celebrate with Ferndale Pride and Absence of Proof for a night without alcohol and beats by DJ Rebecca Goldberg. There will be shows throughout the evening by drag queens Laila Grace Couture, Emma Sapphire, Sirinity Sapphire and Detroit's hottest go-go dancers.

Alcohol will be removed from the bar for the evening and non-alcoholic beverages including cocktails, beer, wine & more (all below 0.5% ABV) will be available for purchase.

This party celebrates the LGBTQ community and welcomes all allies. Let's party!

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PLEASE NOTE: The non-alcoholic bar is 21+ and has non-alcoholic beverages with ABV below 0.5%. Non-alcoholic beverages are designed to mimic the taste of alcohol unless otherwise specified on the menu. If you're in recovery or sensitive to the taste of alcohol, please avoid these drinks. Pregnant or nursing attendees should consult their healthcare provider. While not guaranteed to be Halal or Vegan, we respect dietary preferences. Ingredients lists are available upon request.

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