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Get ready to dance the soles right off of your shoes with Octavia.

b2ap3_thumbnail_10997282_821475531222267_5613135886261201534_n.jpgBeth Dzierwa, aka Octavia, is a Michigan native, living in Ferndale, with a knack for digital spinning.

A typical day for Beth is simple: Music. Work. Promoting. Music.

Her desire to become a DJ was triggered in part by watching Magda spin three years ago at the TV Lounge. The talented Magda had the entire floor moving with a flick of the wrist, energizing a room.


Beth’s influences are many. First, she counts being surrounded by artists like Magda, who is constantly reinventing her sound. Then, listening to Peaches, the radical female musician that does exactly what she wants and looks classy doing it. Third, she recalls growing up listening to Allan Ester on the “After School Groove House Party”.

Beth soon found not only an art form she loved experiencing as an audience member, but an enticing career prospect. And so, Beth gave it a try. Her first gig was at the WET (women entertainment) women's queer dance party in late Spring, 2014. It was a monthly party thrown in Detroit by a really amazing crew at the Old Miami in Detroit.

Although the DIY culture in and around Detroit is booming, entering it isn’t always that easy. Beth feels that all you need to be successful in life is putting in the time and patience to achieve your goals. While her life has not been easy, she knows that the challenges she has encountered have only created the fierce and independent woman she is today.

Ferndale Pride could not be more excited to feature Beth Dzierwa, aka Octavia, on the Dance Stage this year. Her set starts at 6:15pm. Don’t be tardy for the party.

Check out her special Morning Mix.

Stream her other stellar mixes for free on Soundcloud.   
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