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We are excited to host your wedding at Ferndale Pride 2020. In order to help you prepare for your big day, please review this information. Should you have questions please contact us at weddings@ferndalepride.com:

Your wedding package includes:

-Venue: The Rustbelt Market for 1 hour in the event area
-Wedding officiant services 
-Corsage or boutonniere for each of the people getting married 
-Anniversary cake
-On site photographer
-Gift table

(this list may grow prior to the wedding date)

Wedding does not include:

-wedding license and state filing 

YOU MUST obtain your own license to get married in the county in which you reside. 

Oakland County License 
Macomb County License 
Wayne County License
Washtenaw County License

*for more options please google your county and “marriage license”

-unity candles, glass for breaking, sand or other ceremony accessories
-dressing rooms  (please come dressed with hair and or make up done) The Rust Belt Market has public restrooms only and the market will be busy
-parking (shuttles will be provided by SMARTbus) click on Parking Information for more information
-set up customizations (if you have a specific need please let us know at least 7 days prior to the event)

Please do not bring any outside food or alcohol. All Ferndale restaurants will be open. In addition, food trucks will be on the festival footprint. The Revel Bar is located inside of The Rust Belt their menu includes a wide range of beer, wine, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.

Officient Services provided by:

Elizabeth Jean Written Weddings

Katie Petho




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