Parking in Ferndale EXISTS!

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Parking in Ferndale EXISTS! Save money and stress by making a SMART parking choice!
Ride the shuttle from 1:00PM - 10:00PM.
Pickup locations:
Ferndale High School: 881 Pinecrest Dr.
Renaissance Vineyard Church: 1841 Pinecrest Dr.
Gerry Kulick Community Center: 1201 Livernois
SMART shuttles will arrive every 5 to 10 minutes. To ride the shuttle back from Pride simply meet at the drop off point.
This service is open to people who walk or park to those locations.
Keep your Pride celebrations SMART by riding FAST. SMART’s limited-stop bus service, FAST, is an easy and affordable solution to parking in Ferndale. FAST stops at Woodward and 9 Mile. Ride the FAST Woodward line (461 or 462). SMART also offers local routes for those trying to get to Woodward.
SMART’s fixed route offers a Nine Mile crosstown option (710) that provides easy access to Ferndale Pride.
SMART offers a handy Trip Planner at:


All parking lots are metered. Please make sure to avoid a ticket by paying for parking.  You can download the Park Mobile App to pay from your phone and receive notifications when you to need to reload. 


Take the easier route.
Make it easy on your Lyft, Uber, cab drivers with these drop-off/pick-up locations:
- Behind Pop's for Italian adjacent to the Withington parking lot
Taxi Stand behind Pops:   long -83.13800802 lat:42.46104722
- Behind Candle Wick Shoppe on West Troy Street

Taxi Stand behind The Candle Wick Shoppe:   long:-83.13593897 lat:42.46010518


 Do not drink and drive--we love you too much.  Please use one of the ride share services.