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Nina & The Buffalo Riders bring their soulful brand of rock back to the Main Stage.

b2ap3_thumbnail_10498102_778081788948246_8250224555696075607_o.jpgWe honestly cannot say enough good things about this band and we could not be more excited to have Nina & The Buffalo Riders back for a second year!

They have been a staple of the Detroit music scene for the past two years now. If you’ve caught one of their live shows, you know that they never disappoint.

The six member band is made up of seasoned musicians: Nina Sofia (vocals), Adam Enriquez (guitars, percussion), Ryan Meadows (guitars, banjo, mandolin, vocals), A.J. Jezewski (drums, percussion), Mike Fritz (pipe, organ) and Ramiro Romero (bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, vocals).

Their sound is equal parts soul, blues, rock and psychedelic hippy. It is loud and contagious, at once old and new. To quote their bio: they are the, “product and cumulative manifestation of Detroit’s legendary musical history”. We could not have said it any better.

This band makes you want to let your hair down and dance like no one’s watching. And what place could be more perfect for that than Ferndale Pride?

Most importantly, you should know that they’re all heart and that Ferndale Pride counts these stellar humans among their most beloved allies and friends.

Nina & The Buffalo Riders closes the show this year. Their set starts at 9:15pm, right after our headliner (not yet announced). This one will be worth the wait. Trust us.

Stream their tunes for free on their website and Soundcloud.  

View footage from live shows on Youtube.  
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