Ferndale Pride

Ferndale Pride is summer's first LGBTQAI festival in the state of Michigan. Free to the public, the event unites community and businesses for the biggest party of the year. Join us, this year, on June 2 to feel the love that is Ferndale Pride.

Folk-Noir debuts at Ferndale Pride with The Blueflowers


With a unique blend of influences ranging from old-time country, to surf, to the ballady crooners of the 1950's, The Blueflowers bring a refreshing new take on sounds of the past. New terms like "Folk-Noir" are being created to describe The Blueflowers sound. Think David Lynch meets Phil Spector. The Blueflowers always aim for the heart. Not to warm it, but to break it.

The Blueflowers hit the Ferndale Pride Main Stage at 5:00pm, May 30th.

Nominated for three 2015 Detroit Music Awards.

Fourth full-length album,  “At the Edge of Disaster”, released in October 2014.

Stream their music for free on Bandcamp & Soundcloud.

Snag the tracks on iTunes & Google Play.

Find The Blueflowers on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.

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